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Fighting Change

Sixteen years of Professionally Organizing families has lead me to a few bits of knowledge I’d like to pass along to you.
Some great advice from minimalist, Leo Babauta.
You really can’t push your family to change unless they want to. So what I do is change myself, and be a living example that there’s a different way, and that it might be interesting and maybe better. I talk to them about the change so they know why I’m doing it, what made me consider it, what steps I’m taking, whether it’s hard or not, whether I like the change. In seeing my change, they might consider trying the change, or they might just think dad’s crazy, but either way they see a different possibility. So for example I might start decluttering my closet and drawers, or scanning all my paperwork so I can go digital, or clear out a storage shed. This is a great thing for them to see, but at the same time I’m letting them be themselves with no expectations that they’ll join me.

As a Certified Professional Organizer I am not a minimalist. I believe we all have minimalism at heart, and accepting this at varying degrees helps others.
You can live with less and if you start now, your children will strive to enjoy experiences rather then fill any voids with stuff.



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We are lucky to have the support of a large national company, Bell Canada who is investing in Mental Health Awareness across our country.

I would be surprised if there was one person among us who has NOT been touched by a mental health issue.

Many discussions have started in my days working with clients as to why mental health issues seem to be more “out there”.

Why there seems to be more mental health problems with young adults and teens.

And how can people live and function with so many road blocks and stigmas attached to mental health issues.

I don’t have all the answers, I probably don’t have any! But from personal experience in my own life as well as those clients who were brave and confident enough to reach out, I believe that as a society we are trying to grow and become more compassionate. We are teaching our children to become more understanding and open to discussions.

But, we have a very long way to go. The #BellLetsTalk initiative is a step in the right direction, but we must continue this support year long and in every aspect of our lives.

When you hear a friend, co-worker or family member degrade ,knowingly or not, someone who is struggling – STAND UP! STOP the behaviour. Yes, It’s sometimes not so easy, sometimes you must be brave yourself. But I have to say, I doubt you will feel “bad” after asking the behaviour to stop. I doubt you will feel belittled and ashamed. You might actually feel empowered, strong and full of life and all it took was a few words to re-direct someone’s unkind thoughts and words in a way that gets THEM thinking.

75% of our Organizing clients are dealing with some kind of mental health issues. Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Grief and Shame are all very common feelings when working with someone in their living space.

Asking for help is the first step towards living a calm and peaceful existence. We are so very proud of our clients that do reach out. And we understand the concerns when it is a family member who contacts us initially. Number #1 rule in Professional Organizing? It never works if the client isn’t truly ready.

If you’re thinking of a family member who you feel may need some help, the best bet is to ask first, never assume they’re ready.

I love this clip – please take the time to watch to the end.

It’s a Good Day

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May the sunshine send your kids outdoors….so that you can go through their rooms on your own???

No way! Don’t do it!

Teaching our kids from a small age about purging and de-cluttering will be a life skill that they will thank you for later in life.

Number #1 Keep those “Stuffies” under control. Rebecca’s rule – One comes in – Two go out! I know she’s harsh but her kids know that they really , really need to love something if they’re going to bring it home and into their rooms.

A pet net or animal clip are great organizing products to use that will still allow the kids to access their furry friends.
Number #2 Clothes, those darn kids never seem to stop growing! So every change of season this is an opportune time to go through their drawers and closets for clothes that can be donated to those less fortunate.

Remember if they barely fit them now, there’s no way they’ll fit next winter.

Tote and store off season clothes to make room for the present day outfits.

Number #3 Toys – Well let’s be honest it’s all the grandparent’s fault , isn’t it?!

Have your little one go through their toys with you. Anything broken or missing pieces? – Out it goes!

Contain all those precious small bits in small plastic containers so that it’s easier to label and clean.

Now….you’ve worked hard so go out and play!stuffies

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Yes, I’ve read this book. Twice as a matter of fact.

I enjoyed it the first time and took some steps to increase my overall happiness. But I find I do fall back in some of my resolutions. So reading it the second time I thought I would make my thoughts public and look for insight from my fans and friends.

My first true AhHuh moment was this

“Current research underscores the wisdom of his chart-keeping approach.People are more likely to make progress on goals that are broken into concrete,measurable actions, with some kind of structured accountability and positive reinforcement.” Gretchen Rubin

Well that made sense, I mean when I work with my organizing clients success is greater when I break down the tasks, set out guidelines, and work with a clear set of goals.

Rebecca and Erin have been reinforcing the SMART Goals

S- Specific

M- Measurable

A – Achievable

R – Relevant

T- Time Sensitive

So…is it true?

Do you achieve your goals more consistently when you have them down on paper? Are you able to reach success when it’s just a thought process or are the odds greater for you when it’s black and white – right there in your face? Does this make it all too overwhelming? Too much pressure to succeed?

It’s obvious the answers will be different for everyone. But for me, my happiness…I will ascertain 12 important virtues that I feel will increase my happiness when addressed.

It’s a work in progress. 🙂Friends

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Friends and fans!

It definitely has a hint of Fall in the air. The TEAM at Just In Time Solutions is busy. So many people are starting to hunker down and plan for the next three months.

October – Thanksgiving

We have much to be thankful for…Pauline is working at keeping the ladies focused and behaving.

Erin is doing her very best to calm the chaos and bring peace to clients that need our help…

And Rebecca, well she’s just putting one foot in front of the other, reminding our friends that ROME wasn’t built in a day.

When you start to feel the need to settle things in your home or space. To bring them from “crazy” to calm. Take one step at a time, there is no sense in becoming overwhelmed in the first hour when you’ve got a large or small task ahead of you! Slow and steady wins the race – always. Take your time, make the decisions that are going to stick. “Does it bring you JOY?” Yes, good question. Do you NEED to move mountains to be successful? No!

You just need to keep moving.Headshot

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imageWe spent a few days at the annual conference for the Institute of the Challenging Disorganized.

One of our speakers David L. Marcus a journalist and teacher, left us feeling that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

We’ve all been in situations before or know someone whose child just didn’t fit into the box that our society was providing for them.

After doing numerous studies and research projects David explained that most teens that take that “GAP” year are more successful in their post secondary education.

It is shocking how teens who are barely able to drive,shave or vote are required to know “what they want to do with their lives”

Marcus talks about several students that couldn’t make it in the traditional education system but who are now very happy and successful members of society.

As a parent and a professional organizer who has several clients with children it was enlightening to hear of these children that were able to think “outside the box” and achieve what many thought would never happen.

One troubled teen who thrived on adrenalin rushes and continually made bad choices is now a skydiving instructor!

Yup, still getting the thrill and making a living doing it!

so my thoughts to all the parents out there….if your children have a passion good or bad? Maybe, just maybe there is a way to have things turn out OK. Maybe there is a place for them in our world that we just haven’t thought of yet.

Keep your ears to the ground and your eyes open.

David L. Marcus book ” What it takes to pull me through “

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“If you’re having a hard time getting rid of something, thank the item for the role it has already played in your life,” KondoKondo

It actually makes us happy to see someone put everything in writing, what we’ve been saying for years!

Does it bring you Joy?

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