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Do you want to know more?

Are you unknowingly exposing your family to harmful chemicals?

Does your child touch the windows or surfaces you clean?

Does your pet walk on floors?

Would you like more cash in your wallet and less waste in the landfill?

ENJO cleans with water.  ENJO has developed a modern cleaning system that protects our precious natural resources. Cleaning with only a small amount of cold water and without chemical cleaners, ENJO protects the environment. ENJO fibres and tools last up to 3 years, replacing litres of chemical cleaners. This will make a significant impact on your contribution to the landfill and your wallet!

We at Just In Time Solutions have just added our unique cleaning service to assist our clients in saving time, money, space and piece of mind.  ENJO cleans six times better than traditional methods.  It is also much quicker to clean with ENJO, so when we clean your home with ENJO we will be able to be in and out efficiently. YOUR TIME and MONEY are VALUABLE!


75% of all accidental poisonings occur in the home

5000 chemicals are found in a common household

84% of people feel chemicals did not pose a health risk

ENJO fibre products last up to 3 years with everyday household use

    • Replacing 69 detergent or chemical bottles per year per household

– Reducing landfill waste

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