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SPRING CLEANING is not just about getting the cleaning supplies out and scrubbing the walls, windows and cupboards like it use to be.

It is about SPRING CLEARING – clearing out your excess stuff you do not use and get rid of it so that it is easier to clean.

How many people have a cleaning person come into their home and always tidy before they come?  – Why? – Quite often they do not have a home for everything; or if they do it is not put away.

Don’t Set it Down, Put it Away!

  1. Get rid of all clothing you have not worn in the last 12 months.
  2. Get rid of old shoes that are worn out or you have too many of the same kind.
  3. Get rid of items you have not used in the last 6 to 12 months.
  4. Get rid of anything that is broken, that is not repairable, if it is are you going to repair it??
  5. Take mending to the seamstress, take unused items to a charity, and return items that do not belong to you.
  6. Go through all your cleaning supplies, medical supplies, sunscreen and lotions.  Most of them have an expiry and should be disposed of properly.
  7. Group all like items together so that you do not have a shoes everywhere, books everywhere and the list goes on. All utility items in the utility room, bulbs, batteries, extension cords etc.
  8. Old paints if the seal is gone and they are hard get rid of them.  Opened paint only last 3 years.  Store your cans upside down and not on a cement floor.
  9. Once you have done the purge, sorted in categories, put away and taken away everything you do not want in you home, now it is time to clean.  One room at a time.
  10. Open the windows and enjoy the fresh spring air.


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